Legal & Cookies


It's EU law that will tell you a little about the Cookies that we use on the UK Homeliving website.

Firstly, cookies are small text files that a website can store in your web browser. They allow us to store small pieces of text and nothing more. For more detailed information about Cookies please visit Wikipedia.

At UK Homeliving we use cookies in two ways; for information storage and tracking. For you to get the best experience from our website we store little bits of information in a cookie. Sometimes this is as simple as remembering which content tab you have open on a page or if you've requested a promotional banner to be hidden.

The other way we use cookies is for tracking, namely Google Analytics and Google Adwords. This is a service that allows us to collate anonymous information about our users. Using Google Analytics we have access to a wealth of information such as what pages people visit, how long they stay and what kind of browser and device they use. In reviewing this information we can make more informed choices about future changes to this website so that they benefit the greatest number of users, for example, it's this information that lead to us implementing a responsive website for our mobile and tablet users.

Cookies get a bad press as they can be used to track user activity for long periods; highlighting a potential privacy concern. Though we do gather information about our users this is completely anonymous and can never be used to identify individual people.

If you are concerned about cookies, your browser provides the ability to stop websites saving them, as well as the ability to delete any existing ones. However if cookies are disabled this may adversely affect how you experience our website.

Cookies Necessary for the Functioning of the Store




Used in connection with access to admin.


Used in connection with navigation through a storefront.


Used in connection with shopping cart.


Used in connection with checkout.


Used in connection with checkout.


Used in connection with checkout.


Used in connection with checkout.


Used in connection with customer login.


Used in connection with customer login.


Used to facilitate updating customer account information.

Reporting and Analytics




Tracking preferences.


Track landing pages


Track landing pages


Shopify analytics.


Shopify analytics.


Shopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.


Shopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.


Shopify analytics.


Shopify analytics.


Google Remarketing

As part of our overall marketing effort we utilise Google Remarketing to deliver tailored advertising to our users which are displayed on other websites that display advertisements delivered by Google.

In order to deliver adverts tailored to an individual user Google will use Cookies (as described above) to store anonymous information about your experience with our website. If you would like Google and UK Homeliving to not store these cookies it's possible to disable this function within your browser or directly via Google by visiting their Ad Settings page.


UK Homeliving makes no representation or warranties on this website and we provide the information displayed on an "as is" basis to the fullest extent permitted by Law.

UK Homeliving aim to ensure that all the information and content and images on this site are accurate and up to date. We accept no responsibility or liability if material is viewed from this website and action is taken by an individual and loss or damage is caused.

If external sites have been linked to from this site, we do not accept any responsibility for the content displayed on their pages.

Privacy Policy

Information we learn from our customers enables us to continually improve the service we offer, including improving the ranges of products we sell, the information we give on our Web-Site and special offers. However, we take privacy of information relating to our customers very seriously and comply with all UK data protection laws in collecting, storing and using this information.

What personal information we will gather about you

Using this Web Site, contacting us and purchasing products from us, may involve you giving us certain information about yourself, including your name and address, telephone number, email address and credit/debit card details.

Storing and Sharing Information

Any information we receive from you, either by entering it on our Web-Site, in writing, by email, by fax or by other means will be stored by us and we will take all reasonable care to keep your personal data secure and to prevent any unauthorised access to it.

We may use this information to contact you by email, telephone or post to provide you with details about our products or services, or any other information which we believe may be of interest to you. It is intended that by providing information about yourself to us you consent to their use for the above purposes. Other than as required by law or in the prevention of fraud, we will not pass information we hold about you to any other organisation (parent companies or associated companies), but it is intended that any consent given above will benefit any purchaser of our business.

If you have any questions/comments about privacy or if you do not want us to use this information in this way please contact our internet department at UK Homeliving, Unit 1, Bondgate Green, Boroughbridge Road, Ripon, HG4 1QW.

UK Homeliving conform to the requirements of the Data Protection Act, 1998.


Other information transmitted over the internet may be open to scrutiny by others. However, when you purchase on-line, your credit/debit card details will be encrypted over a 128 SSL connection, to keep them confidential.